Day One Early Out Recovery

Our Day-One Program provides out-sourced business office services specifically targeted to large volumes of self-pay and self-pay after insurance accounts. This allows your staff to focus on larger balance accounts and more complex claims. We emulate your business office staff, speaking in the name of the facility and directing all cash to you. In addition to freeing up your staff, you see a significant lift in upfront cash flow.

How can we be so much more productive than your in-house staff? It’s simple. Our implementation includes:

  • Proactive, out-bound communication with your patients
  • A sophisticated Auto-Predictive dialer churning out thousands of calls per day
  • Call recording of patient conversations
  • Customer service professionals, not debt collectors
  • Trained healthcare patient advocates.
  • Patient counseling and education for account balance resolution

Our vast experience has taught us that soon after receiving medical treatments, patients are typically confused about what to do regarding billing statements that they receive. Our representatives talk the patients through the variety of resolution options available to them, such as the charity process, dealing with private insurers and government payers, self pay discounts, etc. Patients are empowered with information about their accounts, resulting in positive outcomes. Since all money is directed to the client facility, our transparent offsite efforts result in increased cash flow and positive customer service encounters with patients. A healthy solution with a personal touch!