Primary Recovery

Our Primary Recovery solution is designed to maximize cash-flow from your bad debt assignments to DRSI. Throughout our recovery process, we treat your patients responsibly and with the highest level of integrity. We understand the real life complexities faced by patients, especially during unfavorable economies. Through it all, we are patient advocates intent upon resolving problems as much as recovering money.

Features of the DRSI solution include:

  • Our Auto-predictive dialer which enables our staff to make thousands of contact attempts per day
  • Real-time payment posting and processing
  • Recording of all inbound and outbound calls
  • Real-time account verifications from within any client systems
  • Highly sophisticated ‘skip locating’ capabilities
  • Industry leading staff recruiting and training programs
  • Absolute compliance with all laws, rules and regulations governing our industry

As with all of our Solutions, we work with your patients in a professional and dignified manner. Our representatives are healthcare experienced patient advocates who utilize consistent practices in order to provide results. Another healthy solution with a personal touch!