Third-Party Pre-Collect Recovery

Our Third-Party Pre-collect solution is designed to increase client cash flow prior to an account being written off or assigned to bad debt. At this early stage (typically in the 45 to 90 day range), we introduce our third party billing entity (not a collection agency), mailing statements and generating thousands of telephone contact attempts per day.

Why is this solution so effective and valuable? Consider that:

  • Our third-party contact creates a heightened sense of urgency
  • Our customer representatives do not make money demands
  • Our representatives follow your charity discount installment payment guidelines
  • We offer many payment options (credit/debit cards, online, traditional paper, etc)
  • Patients experience positive customer service encounters
  • We record all of our calls
  • We educate patients as to the consequences of non-payment

We work with your patients in a professional and dignified manner; our goal is to resolve the accounts according to their merits, which does not always mean collecting money. Our representatives are healthcare experienced patient advocates, not debt collectors. Another healthy solution with a personal touch!